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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another weekend anti-vermin project:

I don't normally believe in living from emergency to emergency, but I guess I've kinda gotten in that mode lately.

A few weeks ago I was thanking the City Inspectors for forcing the lawn clearing issue.  This past weekend, a moth infestation forced kitchen cleaning, but it turned into the reorganization I've been procrastinating on.

This gave me courage, however, so this weekend I wanted to get serious about mouse control.  Our house is rehabbed, but 100+ years old.  It's unrealistic to believe we will ever be mouse free.  However, I imagined taking care of the kitchen was enough, and couldn't understand where they were coming from, since evidence of kitchen activity had diminished, but other areas of the living room were more active.

I went looking.  I found.  The front closet had pretty big (for mice) openings where the door hardware attached to the frame of the closet entry (not a carpenter, I'm sure there are terms for this.)  Anyway, besides cleaning with peppermint scented castille soap, I stuffed the holes with steel wool and covered with plaster.

My goal this fall is to go through my entire house, working from the inside out, and find these points of entry. I want to drive them out as much as possible, rather then trapping them inside.  If I can finish this project by mid-November I will feel like I've made significant gains in mouse-proofing the house.  I will end with plugging outside holes.

Also: the fence contractor was out yesterday, will provide an estimate by email, in theory, today.  I think I can proceed better if I feel secure from all unwanted entities.

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