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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The idea here is that I will set goals for my home and projects, and create deadlines and subgoals to structure myself and get things done.

What I did yesterday:

I created fleece bedding for guinea pigs we will welcome to our home probably on Monday. I haven't sewn in a long time, and it is such a self soothing activity, that I know I need this to be part of my daily, or at least weekly, activities.

So my vision surrounding sewing is:

  • Ideally, create a colorful, organized sewing space that is a pleasure to sit down to and enhances my sewing experience.
  • Minimally: it is a functional workspace, I can find everything, and it may be sub-optimal in visual appeal, but I can get the job done.
I cut down all of my peonies that were infected with mildew:

My vision surrounding urban agriculture:

  • Ideally, create a self-sustaining, edible landscape, that is both beautiful and productive for our family.
  • Mid-range, have a balance of perennials and annuals that provide food for our family.
  • Minimally, have a safe and secure landscape that is pleasant enough to the eye that it maintains our property value.
I have other visions for this home.  This is where I'm starting, where I am.

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