Kaylee's Strawberry

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Who the heck is Kaylee?

Kaylee Frye is a character from the Sci-Fi Western "Firefly", played by Jewel Straite.  The show is set in a future where humans have expanded beyond Earth and terra-formed multiple planets.  Resources are scarce.

Serenity, a Firefly class spaceship, carries the crew travels from planet to planet on various smuggling and underground operations.  The engineer who jury rigs the ship, Kaylee maintains childlike wonder and compassion as she travels with the outlaw crew.  In the pilot, there is a scene where she opens a box with a strawberry in it, eyes yearning in anticipation, carefully, ever so slowly, lifts the strawberry to her lips, and takes a slow bite.  As her teeth sink into the fruit, her lips close around it, her eyes role back in ecstasy.

I want to cultivate that kind of appreciation in my life.


I've reached an important point in my life, a transition, not a mountain top place, but high enough up that I can see my life better, how the pieces fit, where I want to go.  After a 6 year period of job disruption and relocation (5 times in a 6 year period), we have been stable for 7+ years.  But it has taken me this long to be ready to actually make this a home.

Important points this year:  finding a spiritual home (I've said that before, so only time will tell if this is true); identifying my design themes for home improvement; giving myself permission to experiment and fail as I implement permaculture principles and grow my own food; understanding, for the first time, that organization is central to getting those things done AND will be part of the design, not plastic containers that I hide everywhere.

Who cares about another blog?

Me.  Pretty much.  It's a place to journal.  And if anyone actually contributes or identifies with what I'm talking about, great.  I'll have made a connection.

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