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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Other Goal...

I stated early on that the goal of my blog was to set goals for the home....I'm adding another Goal:

Not giving up.

I have done a lot of starts, restarts, quits. etc.  But I've learned a lot in the 8 years we've owned a home, mostly about the garden.  So, I've started, again....

Right now, the front yard has Purple, White, and Mexican Hat cone flowers in a container.  I've order Bee Balm and Lavender for the fall, and before they come, I'm going to mulch the North East part of the front lawn, and plant these herbs.

I've also finally created a plan for the front center (East) of the lawn; two opposing L-shaped raised beds, with an island in the middle, which we calculated would give us something like 102 sq ft of planting area.  I'd like to get them in in the fall as well, and if I don't have the time to plant them, I'm putting a cover crop of legumes for the winter.

I intend to break up the concrete path to the gangway.  Now that we have a fence, the entrance is blocked off, anyway, and it will allow more water to go into the ground, as well as make room for a more natural path.

But about today.....I was crazy herb woman.  I am not an expert forager, but I know a few plants, that, fortunately are plentiful in our wild back yard.  I took a few wood sorrel,
a bunch of lambs quarters,
and some lovage (not wild),
 and set them up for drying.

Then, after making chicken soup, Amy and I edged the NE part of the front yard with left over bricks we've had piled in the back:  

Time for a nap, huh?

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