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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

HELP!!!! Canning fail!

I tried strawberry jam.  Not as daring as the canning challene, which wanted me to make my own recipe, but since I've never canned before, it seemed a good start.
All looked good, following Ball's recipe, until I placed my jam into the water.  While waiting for it to boil, I saw that all the lids had floated off.  Since it was 10:30 pm, and I had to work in the morning, I placed them in the sink to cool.
This morning, I was ready to toss them, but it looks like only the top half inch was penetrated by the water.  So I stuck 'em in the fridge, for now.
Do I :
1. Toss them
2. Refrigerate/or freeze and eat them in an appropriate amount of time?
3. Reprocessing them?

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