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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Screw the Lids On, Loosely...

Reading my Ball canning book, there was so much stress on not heating the screw rings, not leaving them on....I guess I thought they were there for transport.

We are eating the stuff anyway, and it's color is amazing.  No food coloring, but so bright.

I just finished reading Sandor Elixor Katz book, Wild Fermentation.  I was moved by his perspective, and really inspired.  I especially liked his discussion of death, because it is not at all unlike my own views.  This is an area that our culture needs healing on, and needs to come to grips with.

So, August is almost over, and I made a semi-canned batch of strawberries....but I will try to get some saurkraut made (or started, anyway) before 8/31!

Oh, and I tested and stored the herbs I dried in my window.  Will try cooking with them at intervals over the fall and winter, to see how they handle it.

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